Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm A gOd-MoThEr!

Kendyl's Baptism
On my June 22nd post, I commented that I just became a God-Mother over the weekend! I forgot my camera at home; thus, had no pictures to share. My God-daughter's mother (aka long-time childhood friend) came prepared with boyfriend photographer in hand, lol. So, here are a few pics from my God-daughter's, Kendyl's big day!

When I was first asked to be her God-mother I was delighted and said YES! Afterwards, I realized I really didn't know Baptism Etiquette. I didn't know what the responsibilities of the God-mother were except for the biggest part which is to take care of the child if anything ever happened to her parents. After a Google search (yes, you can laugh at me), I realized that all I was really required to do was be supportive with her being blessed/baptized. I also got her a goodie bag filled with candy, a baby rosary bracelet with her birthstones and her first little prayer book. Her big sister Kylie just graduated kindergarten so I gave her a goodie bag, too, but hers from filled with candy and 1st grade summer workbooks (that's the school psychologist in me, always thinking of learning goals, lol). Both girls were really excited about their gifts.

Kendyl was have a very "shy" kind of day and wanted to hide behind her hair and in her mommy's shoulder while at the church. In the photo above that is me, Danielle (Kendyl's mommy), my god-daughter Kendyl in her mommy's arms, her big sister-Kylie, and her uncle Brandon (aka God-father). Oh, I should not forget to mention that my daughter is also in this picture in my belly bump :)

I decided to include this picture because it is one that you can actually see Kendyl's face but also it is the moment that her mother receives a rose for motherhood from the church. Motherhood is one of the greatest achievement a women can be recognized for and I can't wait to join in on this adventure/rite of passage very soon.

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