Wednesday, June 23, 2010

RaNdOm WeDnEsDaY

30 weeks 

30 weeks exposed
Can't believe I only have less than 10 weeks left of my pregnancy to go until we get to meet our little girl. How time flies by as you get older...I still feel unprepared for her arrival. Crib and mattress should be here mid-July, hopefully, she doesn't decide to come early so I can get her room decorated and set-up for her. Oh, how she will turn my world upside down---I can't wait!


  1. are such a cute pregnant lady :) I was a HUGE mess! lol I wish you much luck with your last weeks and baby ahead :)

  2. You look super cute! I feel like a whale!

    My shower isn't until July 11th, so I'm feeling really unprepared right now.