Friday, August 27, 2010

FiVe (ThInGs) On FrIdAy

5 things I did yesterday:

~Wrote thank you cards for my (2nd) baby shower gifts
~Washed some more baby clothes 
~Met a friend for gelato (I got nutella flavored, yum!)
~Cooked dinner for the hubby
~Watched the Jersey Shore (I can't help it, its funny to watch)

5 random thoughts:

~When will my baby decide to come out??? (I really am curious since I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow)
~"The ring of fire" is a scary thought (child birth term)
~my house needs to be cleaned (but I'm not going to volunteer)
~Would love to be on the beach right now with a cocktail in hand (wishful thinking)
~Is summer really coming to an end; I completely missed it.

5 things I can't live without right now:

~my cell phone
~a bathroom nearby
~oh, my hubby

What "5 things" are on your mind today?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CaReEr EnVy

As September approaches, I can't help myself but feel a little career envy.

I've been in school for a long time and all I ever wanted was to use my education (that my mother was able to bless me with the opportunity of achieving) and feel a sense of purpose. Part of that goal was to land a career/job as a school psychologist once I graduated. Since graduating, I have been working for a district as a school psychologist but on a contracted/case by case basis. As such, I don't have a steady schedule nor an office to work in but I have the flexibility of working when I want, which can be dangerous, lol. Regardless, I'm thankful that I have been able to keep my skills in my field fresh and that I had some kind of employment and still do even though I'm taking some time off to be a MOM.

Last spring, I was offered a full-time position in a district that was an hour and half away. I turned it down because I didn't want to commute that far as a new parent. This year, districts around my home town are hiring and although I keep interviewing while pregnant I am aware that I will not be offered these positions and I know in my heart I don't want them right now either, as I would like to focus all my energy on my daughter's development.

However, I can't help feeling like I'm missing out on a career. I know I'm young and I will have my whole life to work but seeing my fellow graduates obtain jobs and going on interviews makes me a little jealous. I want to be able to tell people I'm a Full-Time school psychologist for "..." district and feel a sense of normal (cause people who work full-time are normal, right?) but this year, I get to say I'm a Stay-At-Home Mom and remain a contracted School Psychologist for "..." district. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I can be both and I'm excited to be a MOM which is a career in itself but I long for the opportunity to be a contributer (financially) in my growing family and a advocate in education.

At the end of the day, I know my day will come to work in my field and I may want to quit on my first day, so for now I will try to enjoy the time off.

For you moms out there, did you have some form of career envy when you were pregnant?

Friday, August 20, 2010

LeTtEr To BaBy

Dear little love bird,

In less than 8 days or so we should be meeting you. It sounds so far away, but also really close at the same time. If you choose to come a little earlier, we wouldn't mind one bit.

We cannot wait to meet you...We think about it

We can't wait to see what you look like, or who you look like.

Will you have dark hair? Light hair?...No hair at all? (which would be weird since your dad and I clearly have lots of hair)

I think about the day you come into this world all the time (the joy and the pain of course but mostly the way you will change me forever <3). I'm not 'scared' of delivering you...I'm excited. It's like opening the best gift I've been waiting for all my life.

I can't wait to hear your cry that first time proclaiming to the world that you've arrived. My heart leaps at the very thought.

I can't wait to hold your squishy little body in my arms (slime and all, lol), and know that you're all mine and daddy's too! 

Little bird, I can't wait to cuddle with you and kiss your little cheeks and ooh and ahh over every silly face you make in your sleep (please be a great sleeper so mommy can sleep, too).

I truly can't wait to be your mommy.

You are the FIRST little baby that will make me a mother. A "Mama". I'll try my best, and do everything I can to be the best mom I can be.

I cannot wait to watch your Daddy melt into a pile of love-mush when he holds you for the first time. It makes me super happy just thinking about it. He's going to the best dad, and I hope you always see that and feel his love and protection.

Hope you feel loved because you truly are!

Until I get to meet you in the flesh, little lady....I am cherishing every kick in the ribs and ninja move you make :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ThAnKfUl ThUrSdAy

so thankful for the gorgeous weather we have been having lately, being able to turn off the central air and open our doors and windows makes me sooo happy. I love hearing nature sounds while relaxing with a light breeze.

thankful that my 38-week prenatal appointment yesterday went just perfectly bird's heart-rate in the 130's and my blood pressure is good.  No signs of early labor, seems she loves being in momma's belly.

so thankful and in love with my husband who's been sooo supportive throughout this pregnancy. He set up our infant swing the other night and I absolutely love it!

feeling thankful that I can sleep better these last few weeks, since I moved to the couch which believe it or not is way comfy for my back and belly rather than my constant tossing/turning in our bed.

so thankful that we didn't lose our cats the other night. Hubby accidentally left the back door open and our cats got out, which was a big problem since their indoor cats. Luckily, one of them showed up on our front steps and the other was hiding under our deck in the backyard, case-closed, both are safely inside :)

I'm thankful for the 'ready' feeling....I mean, I don't feel worried, anxious, or nervous--I just feel ready. I'm not yet at the point where I"want.her.out.NOW" either. We have things in order (or at least I think so although there is always something I could be doing like washing more clothes, writing my thank you cards, etc.)...and she's welcome anytime.

Also...I'm overwhelmed and full of so much thanks for all people have done for us, given to us, showered us with love and gifts for our daughter. It's amazing the love you feel when you're about to have a baby--we've been so blessed with things, and it makes bringing her into this world so much more feasible.

Thank you, all of you...for all your sweet words, gifts, thoughts and prayers...!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Friday, August 13, 2010

NuRsErY: Sneak Peak

Well hello there friends! As you know I have been hard at work creating the puuurfect little room for my sweet baby bird that will be joining our family in the next couple of weeks. I still have so much to do but I thought I would share a little peek at her nursery. It's still not complete so I am waiting till it's done to do a nursery tour but thought you might enjoy a glimpse into her future world. Enjoy...

This is my little bird's crib. It's a Bonavita crib which I really wanted and was a gift from my MIL. I wanted a traditional white crib for my little bird's nursery, isn't it pretty?
This is a view of inside her crib. Her bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids and so is everything else pictured here (from teddy to stroller blanket). Did you notice the name on the stroller blanket?? That's my little bird's name!! That stroller blanket is super soft, I just love it!

So, here are some little details from her room:

A little Piggy bank and frame with her initial (picture to come).

A look into her changing table/dresser, filled with receiving blankets, baby hats/socks, and wash cloths. 

Linen basket filled with newborn pre-folds (aka cloth diapers from

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak of my little bird's room. She will be here in less than 2 weeks and her nursery decor may not be finished but I'm okay with that. Can't wait for her arrival :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

PrOgReSsIoN nOtEs: 37 weeks

How far along? 37 weeks; FULL TERM!!
Total weight gain: 31 big whopping pounds...amazing isn't it.
Maternity clothes?: Of course. I'm loving my maternity pants and will miss them after baby is here. They are so comfortable and its so easy to pull them up and down when needed without messing with zappers and buttons. I love wearing flowy dresses and hope to still wear them after baby (since I wasn't a big dress wearer, pre-baby). 
Sleep: Still only waking up about once a night to pee. However, I'm just up more finding myself awake at random moments dealing with different aches and pains (like leg cramps, sore thigh muscle from lying on one side for too long, etc.).

 Nope, not really. Haven't been a big craver of things during this pregnancy. Love all the same things!

Best moment this week: Nesting. Getting baby's crib all ready and hanging a little pink robe up in the nursery mad it feel sooooo real :) She's almost here!!

Movement: Um, yes. I think baby is squished, lol. I feel my belly is so tight and won't grow anymore. Thus, I do feel her a little more, especially in my ribs. I don't think she likes mommy driving because she loves to torture my ribs, etc. while driving. Either way, I really do love feeling all her movements since I know she is doing well.

Gender: "She", "she", "she"--of course, a girl.

Labor Signs: Some. Braxton Hicks and some cramping started yesterday :/

Belly Button in or out? In and staying in.

What I miss: Going out like crazy during the summer (to the beach, dancing, drinking, etc.) and looking in the mirror without looking like a blimp. 

Weekly Wisdom: You may feel unorganized or not ready for baby but once she arrives you are a mother and everything will fall into place.

Milestones: Full term. She can literally come at any time! Everything is developed fully. She is welcomed to make her debut.

Favorite Moments: The day I told hubby I'm pregnant, the first heartbeat, the first kick/movement, joining a MOMS club, etc. I've had a great pregnancy, thus far. Thank you baby!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

BaBy ShOwEr!!

This post is long over due (sorry, I don't have pictures of my guests or decor but I didn't have my camera). 

Last month, I had my very first baby shower (I'm having another one in August for those who live in NJ). It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and my family and friends (PA related) were all coming into town to celebrate my journey into motherhood. I've been anticipating this day for weeks because nothing really brings to light your having a baby then in your face baby stuff. 

So, many people came which made me feel my daughter is already loved. Some of my family drove all the way up from Virgina and others drove from Connecticut. WOW, what a drive! But I was so happy to see them. The festivities started a little late but everything went really well. We played a trivia game, baby shower bingo, and I got to open all the nicely wrapped gifts for my daughter (of course, my mother was there to help me when I needed some assistance, lol). 

At the end of the shower, dessert was served. My MIL and Aunt-in-law decorated my baby shower cake to go with my nursery theme (which is a calming, naturist, birdie theme--I don't like over stimulated themes). Didn't it come out great? The cake was yummy, too! It had a butter-cream frosting with a cheesecake mousse filling, yum!

Overall, it was a great shower with family and friends. My daughter and I are so blessed to have such supportive people in our lives :) Look at all the great things she received:

Here is a picture of me with those who helped organize the shower:

Traci, Sara, glowing mom-to-be Me, future grandmom Pat, and Nancy

Monday, August 2, 2010

ReViEw: The Business of Being Born documentary

At the start of my pregnancy, I wasn't sure what kind of birth plan I wanted. I don't really think I knew I had options, until I started telling people I was preggo. Everyone seems to enjoy telling you about their birth stories or knowledge about pregnancy. In some ways that is a positive thing cause your getting exposed to ideas/pregnancy topics but it can also be a negative thing cause you can develop unnecessary fears or thoughts. Either way, I'm the type of person that wants to know everything I can and I'm open enough to realize that everyone's experiences are different and will not allow myself to focus on the negatives. 

As I was doing my own pregnancy research and learning about birth plans, many of my friends and websites I came across mentioned this documentary called "The Business of Being Born". Everyone had one thing to say about it "It was a must see". It's offered on Netflix; however, since I and none of my close (near my home) friends have Netflix, I ordered the DVD. So, if anyone wants to borrow it, let me know.

So here is the synopsis taken right from the website: (
Birth is a miracle, a rite of passage, a natural part of life. But birth is also big business.
Compelled to explore the subject after the delivery of her first child, actress Ricki Lake recruits filmmaker Abby Epstein to question the way American women have babies.
The film interlaces intimate birth stories with surprising historical, political and scientific insights and shocking statistics about the current maternity care system. When director Epstein discovers she is pregnant during the making of the film, the journey becomes even more personal.
Should most births be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potentially catastrophic medical emergency?

When I initially got pregnant, I think I assumed I would have my baby in a hospital with a possibility of a c-section cause that is what was normal, right? Wrong. For the average person, this is what they are expected to believe. No one ever (Ob, etc.) ever explains the other choices. Fortunately, I was exposed to different birth plans and yes, I'm aware that some things don't happen as planned and that is okay, too. Not soon after getting my first ultrasound, I made the decision to switch from my OB/YN to a Birth Center with Midwifes. Since I decided I wanted to try for a natural, epi-free, vaginal delivery and I knew that it was highly unlikely that it would happen in an hospital. 

I received many questions from people who either didn't know what a birth center was or just wanted to know why I would opt for a "painful" delivery experience. I find it interesting that many women seem to think having a hospital birth with interventions (epidural, inductions, IV attachment, being attached to a monitor, the STRONG possibility of MAJOR surgery aka C-section) is a less painful way to bring their baby into this world. I'm in no way judging these people but wish people were aware of the facts before assuming my plan is the CRAZY plan. 

Back to the main point, the movie. This movie basically discusses this idea of the lack of knowledge being provided to women and the lack of support for a natural vaginal delivery that women around the world have been able to do for years. It really opens your eyes to the birthing industry/business and I have to say I recommend this video for those willing to open themselves and have their preconceived notions challenged. 

Have you heard of this documentary or have you seen it? What are your thoughts on the video or on natural vaginal delivery?