Thursday, May 27, 2010

NiGhT OuT w/ My SiStErS

So, for those of you who don't know this already, I am an alumni of the Delta Delta Delta (Tri-Delta) sorority, Gamma Omega chapter at Stockton College. I loved college life and joining this sorority very much contributed to me becoming the person I am today. I continue to be involved in gatherings with new and old members and provide support for those who seek it. I love my sisters just as if they were my very own blood. 
So from time to time, we try to have little outings and keep in touch via Facebook. Recently, we had to have an event called "We are all getting so busy with life that I figured I would pick a day so we can all see each other!", so that we could get together for some fun. It is always a great time spent with my sisters. However, this time I will be the preggo one of the group, boo!! Usually, our night consists of us reminiscing, pre-gaming, bar/club hopping, a little slot machine action, and LOTS of drinking, oh, and for me I LOVE to ride the mechanical bull at one of our favorite spots called Game-On in Atlantic City. 

I was really excited to spend time with my girls; however, my initial thoughts were "what the fuck heck am I going to do without an alcoholic beverage in my hand" and "holy hell I can't even ride the shitty bull this time", ugh! I'm 26 weeks preggo at this point, I can overcome these obstacles and still have a great time right?

The girls and I met for dinner (where I had a sip of sangria, mmmm, heaven). We gathered at one of the girls' apartments and waited for the "drunk bus" to come pick us up since we all didn't fit in my car and I would be the only sober one, lol. Once we got to the Tropicana, beverage and shot orders were all the rage as usual. I sat there drinking my water and dancing to the music. Overall, it was a great night for me. As I got to spend time with my girls and still bust a move on the dance floor with preggo belly attached, hahaha. I truly amazed myself. I have to tell you that wearing high heels and dancing while pregnant really doesn't go well after a couple hours, feet really start to hurt and you get tired really quickly.

I ended up leaving some of the girls early (it was 3:30 when we got home, we are usually out till 6am and that was not an option for me this time) since they all wanted to head to other hotel and I wanted to pass out and eat of course :)

In the morning, we had our routine breakfast at the local diner, discussed the night, and discussed how we should get together more often and how we will continue these types of nights into old age. I love these girls and always have a blast with them. 

                                     Here is a picture of my sister Jess and my preggo-ness!

BiRtHdAy NoNsEnSe

My birthday was this month, May 8th.  No big deal really--and honestly, what's an almost-24 week preggo (during that week) gonna do to enjoy it, honestly?


How many birthdays have you celebrated so far?:  27, thus far :)

When is your next one coming up?: Next May. I was actually born on Mother's Day (what a great gift I was to my mother).

If you could get anything, realistically speaking, what would you ask for?: This year, I asked my hubby for dinner with close friends at a Moroccan restaurant near-by which we love and a pre-natal massage I will be using in my near future.

If you could ask for something magic or like superpowers, which kind?: How about...the ability to have skip the delivery of my baby and just have her here magically? Is that possible?  

Who do you want to be with during your birthdays?: Family and friends! This year, I celebrated it with my hubby, F.I.L., and close friends. 

How do you plan to celebrate your upcoming birthday?: Next year, my birthday will be on Mother's Day and I will be officially a MOMMY! I plan on spending it with my own family (hubby and daughter) doing memorable things.

What was the worst present you ever got on a birthday?: Nothing I can remember. If it was that bad, I probably chose to block it out. Permanently.

What was the worst birthday fiasco you ever had: When I turned 16, I invited the whole school and hardly anyone showed up :(

Did you ever purposely give someone a crappy gift?: That's cruel! I don't think so...(hehehe)

Who would you never ever ever want to attend your birthday?: Can't think of anyone right now...

What was the best birthday present you’ve ever received?: I have a really bad memory; thus, I don't know.

What was the best birthday you’ve ever had?: It was probably my 21st birthday, cause I celebrated it twice at DejaVu nightclub with my hubby (once when I was really turning 20 and then again when I was actually 21). I also enjoyed my 15th b-day as I had a backyard extravaganza and the whole school showed up. GREAT TIMES!

Why was it so great?: Because I was happy. I usually have this thing about crying on my b-day but no tears here! None this year, either. For the record :)

What is your fave birthday activity, even if you havent done it (yet)?: Just being around those who I love and hopefully food and drinks are involved :)

Who would you love to come to your birthday to celebrate with you?:A bit redundant Oh, and I'd love for my friends from afar to join in...

What did your family do to celebrate your birth?: Probably said,"ANOTHER girl?!" No, really, I have no idea. I'm sure I got lots of cuddles and visitors.

What happened for your sweet 16th birthday?: The 16th b-day is a big deal in my family so we planned a big party where we rented out a place and I got a special dress made specifically for me (which I got to design). So, long story short we had a big party and my father got me a motor scooter since I was of age to drive it around. 

Would you be okay with dying on your birthday?: Seriously, weird question. Umm...I don't want to die especially since I'm about to become the best thing in this world, a mother. But-I'll go whenever its my time, since I don't have  control over that anyways :)

Enough of the birthday nonsense.