Friday, February 19, 2010

PrEgGo PrOgReSsIoN nOtEs:

How far along? 14 weeks 5 days

Total weight gain: Before being preggo, with all the holiday eating, my start weight was 127 lbs. according to my scale. Currently, I am 131 lbs. with my little baby bump. For a total weight gain of 5 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Nope. Still wearing my regular clothes for now.

Sleeping Habits: Try to take a bathroom break before going to bed and stop drinking at least an hour before so that I don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore with a bladder full. Since this change, I've been sleeping in bed the whole night but fall in and out of sleep throughout the night due to me toss-n-turning.

Best moment this week: Developing the smallest belly bump and having my BFF, Ash, take pictures to document my belly bump progression (check out her other work: Take a closer look below!

Movement: My little mysterious one is still too small for me to feel any movements.

Gender: Still a mystery. Wanna take a guess??

Belly Button in or out? I'm an inny like I've always been. Don't know what to do about my belly ring. Should I take it out or should I get a flexible prego belly ring? For those of you who have had a belly piercing and had a baby, what did you do?

What I miss: I'm spoiled and have no will power. I usually give in to all my needs, well when it comes to food/drinks. I miss SUSHI the most. I miss drinking my favorite beer and other alcoholic beverages when I'm out with my friends at the bar. I miss the occasional of brie or tuna tartar. Just before getting pregnant, I started drinking coffee, so in the early morning I miss drinking caffeine.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Not really craving anything. A month ago, I couldn't even be in the same room as a steak, but I think that has subsided.

Friday, February 12, 2010

FiRsT vIsIt

Last week, the hubby and I had our first visit to the Birth Center (a.k.a. TBC) we are using for our prenatal care, ob-gyn, and delivery services. I was so excited about our first visit that we showed up the day before our scheduled appointment. Of course, it was accidental. However, it worked out cause I was able to take my time and fill out all the necessary documents needed for my real appointment the next day. They would have seen us if they weren't already booked. None the less, we returned the next day.

As soon as we checked in they handed me my file, which has never happened. Usually, doctor offices like to keep the file in the back and you only ever get a glimpse of your file the whole visit. Apparently, TBC likes you to be involved in your treatment/care every step of the way. So, having easy access to your file is the first step. Then, you are to provide a urine sample at every visit but you are to test it yourself prior to giving it to them and your are to weigh yourself. Seems like no big deal but you feel a little more involved in the visit rather than "sit here and give me this" type of visit that most are accustomed.

During my hour long visit, we discussed background medical history and they reviewed my blood work in detail with me that was done last month (that my previous gyno ordered and never cared to explain). Everything was normal and my blood type was O positive. (Good to know). She then performed a regular exam and since I was about 11 weeks at that point she decided to see if we could hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Hubby was really excited.

At first, she couldn't find it and said maybe he/she was too small for the size Doppler she was using so she got another one that they usually use for smaller babies. A couple seconds later (along with the look of worry all over hubby's face) we heard the softness noise of our baby's healthy heartbeat for the first time. WOW! Hubby and I just looked at each other and smiled.

This weekend, I'm approaching my second trimester as I'll be 12 weeks. It still hasn't hit me yet. Maybe after week 20 when I will get my next ultra sound to determine the baby's sex it will slap me in the face with the reality of I'm really pregnant.