Wednesday, June 9, 2010

RaNdOm WeDnEsDaY: nervous nellies and where's my food

Okay, so I've noticed that people are generally nervous for pregnant women. Everyone is worried about the baby, and worried about your well being. It's a time when people will tell you it's okay to sit back, relax, put your feet up and watch tv for hours...because, "you need to rest, its good for the baby and for you."They will tell you its okay to not to do household chores (which my hubby will never say, lol), cooking dinner, and doing 'strenuous' tasks, because, "you're pregnant!"

While I know all these things are true at times, I totally struggle with it. I like being able to do the things I need to get done. I don't like relying on other people to help me. At work, people offer to carry my testing kits to my car and really insist. It makes me a little irritated even though I know they are trying to help. 

Some of the things I get to hear throughout my day are the following:
"Oh MY! You be careful my dear. Take it EASY!"
"Oh sweetie, you really need some help with that."
If I drop something its... 
"Let me get that for you or you really shouldn't be bending down"
Okay, so I'm pregnant!! I will be careful and I'll let ya know when I need help, trust me.


So, let me share with everyone a laughable moment. 

The other night, me and Ash (BFF aka my talented photographer friend) were at the local bar.  I was soooo hungry so I decided to get something to eat. We were sitting at the bar and I ordered chicken quesadillas and a rootbeer. I get my refreshing rootbeer and a half an hour goes by and I still haven't gotten my food yet.

Okay, so I call over one of my friends who is a bar-back and ask him to check on my order. He signals from the kitchen just two more minutes. Alright, I can wait a little longer, so I think. then I see him bring out the food and place it in front of another couple. After watching other people (6 people to be exact, yes I was counting) get their food. I got soooo pissed and when I get angry I cry so here it comes. My eyes start to water and I look at Ash and next thing I know she is pushing me out of my seat and telling me to go outside for some fresh air. 

OMG!! That came out of nowhere. I couldn't control it. I got all upset over food. I was sooo embarrassed and after I collected myself I entered the bar from another entrance to go refresh in the ladies room and the manager happened to be back there and asked me if I was okay, which I was and told me my food would be out shortly since he was working on it. Deep breath and feeling like a idiot I refreshed in the ladies room and returned to my seat at the bar where the bartender who took my order apologized and insisted he pay for my meal and free rootbeer all night, lol.

I was given bread sticks to hold me over until my food came but when it did it was just what I needed. I just have to say that this thing of not having control of your emotions cause your preggo, sucks! I hope this is just a phase and I won't continue to have emotional breakdowns since my pregnancy has been pleasant thus fingers crossed.

At least, I can laugh at myself :)

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