Monday, June 14, 2010

ReGiStRy MaDnEsS

Preparing for any big event in life can be stressful. Especially, planning for the arrival of a new member of your family, aka baby. Since this is my first child it's all a little overwhelming at times. I mean thinking about all the things that you need or want to get for you new addition.

As of now, I have decided that I will TRY to be a mother who gives birth naturally (no induction, C-section, and/or epidural... at least that's the plan) breast feeds, cloth diapers, and makes some of my baby's food. Some may call me crazy or whatever since they have not chosen that road but as with everything in life, I love a challenge.

Lately, I've been driving myself crazy with what kind of things I will be needing for my daughter. I have modified my registry (I decided to register at Baby R Us and Pottery Barn Kids)  many times. Registering for baby stuff is a little different from registering for wedding gifts. Wedding gifts are usually things you want and don't really need but registering for baby stuff is really important so you get items that will help your baby with a variety of activities whether its bathing, feeding, sleeping, etc. You spend a lot of time looking at different types of strollers, car seats, cribs, etc. Researching all these things will drive you crazy at times. At the end of the day, I just want to be  the BEST mother I can for my daughter, I don't care what color she loves (which I know will probably be pink cause I couldn't stand it for years but it is slowly growing on me, lol.), what stroller, car seat, or crib I get. I want her to be happy and LOVE her parents.

At the end of August, all these material things will not matter. My daughter will be here and then I may be blogging about the MaDnEsS of motherhood :)


  1. Registering was (and still is, I'm constantly tweaking my two lists!) REALLY stressful for me. I thought it would be a fun exciting experience, but then I realized how many choices there are. Ok, so I know I need to register for bottles - WHAT KIND?! Which is the best diaper cream?! Is this REALLY the best grooming kit? Do I even NEED a grooming kit?!... You get my point. I still get nervous thinking about it. What if I've registered for something crappy, and someone graciously gifts it to me, and I hate it?!

  2. Yup, that is the madness I'm talking about. Never ending thoughts about baby stuff. In the end, I am a first timer and thus it will all be a learning experience for me and my husband. Eventually maybe I'll get a clue on all this baby madness, lol.