Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CyBeR ShOwEr

Okay, so before I begin, I must explain that I belong to a mommies site ( Specifically, I am in a group of mother's that are pregnant and are all due in August. So, we decided to have a cyber shower, in which your given a cyber buddy and you have to send them a gift by a certain date. 

I got my cyber shower gift yesterday!!

I haven't had my baby shower yet; thus, it was so exciting to get a package not for my husband for a change, lol. I got the Nature's Baby Shower Gift Bag which is filled with an assortment of vanilla tangerine-scented must-haves for a new baby including a shampoo/body wash, face and body moisturizer, diaper cream and two organic sherpa washcloths. 

Thanks Cyber Buddy, MariyaEvans!!! 


  1. awwww that's awesome!! she totally knew your baby language!!

    That's always been a really fun part of being on a message board!

  2. I know! :) I really love the message board thanks for recommending I join. I'm on there like every day.