Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MoMmY bLuEs

Sometimes, I just get overwhelmed with the littlest things, I call this my mommy blues. I can be fine the whole day but something will set me off and put me in a "mood". When that happens I am not nice to those around me and may say things I may not mean or use a tone that they don't deserve. It really sucks to feel that way but I can't change it right at that moment and it makes me feel bad after each interaction that I just wanna cry. This doesn't happen that often so I can't really complain that much about it but it bothers me none the less.


Someone will call my house-line and my phone decides to hang up on them twice. They keep calling which bugs me cause I'm trying to call them back on my cell phone. We finally touch base but I'm in my mood now. So, instead of explaining that my house-line is retarded and isn't working properly, I kinda yell at the person and explained they should have called my cell if they weren't successful with the house-line. What ever they called me for now to me at that time is not important, it's a bother and everything they say is irritating. So, I give one word answers and basically am rude the whole conversation so I can hang up. Afterwards, I find myself evaluating my behavior and the reasoning behind such an interaction and my world comes crashing down, I am now upset that I am overreacting to the little things that should not matter. I am upset because my baby probably feels me upset, I am upset cause I feel like no one can understand, and I am upset for being upset, ugh. Crying is a sense of release for me and when I'm done I can finally regroup and feel better.

I know this is probably common for mothers-to-be but it doesn't mean I like it (I'm sure no one enjoys this feeling/emotion/reaction), I actually hate it! For someone who tends to be a strong person, it is a weakness!

Do you get the Mommy Blues? If so, how do you cope?

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