Thursday, August 19, 2010

ThAnKfUl ThUrSdAy

so thankful for the gorgeous weather we have been having lately, being able to turn off the central air and open our doors and windows makes me sooo happy. I love hearing nature sounds while relaxing with a light breeze.

thankful that my 38-week prenatal appointment yesterday went just perfectly bird's heart-rate in the 130's and my blood pressure is good.  No signs of early labor, seems she loves being in momma's belly.

so thankful and in love with my husband who's been sooo supportive throughout this pregnancy. He set up our infant swing the other night and I absolutely love it!

feeling thankful that I can sleep better these last few weeks, since I moved to the couch which believe it or not is way comfy for my back and belly rather than my constant tossing/turning in our bed.

so thankful that we didn't lose our cats the other night. Hubby accidentally left the back door open and our cats got out, which was a big problem since their indoor cats. Luckily, one of them showed up on our front steps and the other was hiding under our deck in the backyard, case-closed, both are safely inside :)

I'm thankful for the 'ready' feeling....I mean, I don't feel worried, anxious, or nervous--I just feel ready. I'm not yet at the point where I"want.her.out.NOW" either. We have things in order (or at least I think so although there is always something I could be doing like washing more clothes, writing my thank you cards, etc.)...and she's welcome anytime.

Also...I'm overwhelmed and full of so much thanks for all people have done for us, given to us, showered us with love and gifts for our daughter. It's amazing the love you feel when you're about to have a baby--we've been so blessed with things, and it makes bringing her into this world so much more feasible.

Thank you, all of you...for all your sweet words, gifts, thoughts and prayers...!

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