Saturday, August 7, 2010

BaBy ShOwEr!!

This post is long over due (sorry, I don't have pictures of my guests or decor but I didn't have my camera). 

Last month, I had my very first baby shower (I'm having another one in August for those who live in NJ). It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and my family and friends (PA related) were all coming into town to celebrate my journey into motherhood. I've been anticipating this day for weeks because nothing really brings to light your having a baby then in your face baby stuff. 

So, many people came which made me feel my daughter is already loved. Some of my family drove all the way up from Virgina and others drove from Connecticut. WOW, what a drive! But I was so happy to see them. The festivities started a little late but everything went really well. We played a trivia game, baby shower bingo, and I got to open all the nicely wrapped gifts for my daughter (of course, my mother was there to help me when I needed some assistance, lol). 

At the end of the shower, dessert was served. My MIL and Aunt-in-law decorated my baby shower cake to go with my nursery theme (which is a calming, naturist, birdie theme--I don't like over stimulated themes). Didn't it come out great? The cake was yummy, too! It had a butter-cream frosting with a cheesecake mousse filling, yum!

Overall, it was a great shower with family and friends. My daughter and I are so blessed to have such supportive people in our lives :) Look at all the great things she received:

Here is a picture of me with those who helped organize the shower:

Traci, Sara, glowing mom-to-be Me, future grandmom Pat, and Nancy

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