Friday, August 27, 2010

FiVe (ThInGs) On FrIdAy

5 things I did yesterday:

~Wrote thank you cards for my (2nd) baby shower gifts
~Washed some more baby clothes 
~Met a friend for gelato (I got nutella flavored, yum!)
~Cooked dinner for the hubby
~Watched the Jersey Shore (I can't help it, its funny to watch)

5 random thoughts:

~When will my baby decide to come out??? (I really am curious since I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow)
~"The ring of fire" is a scary thought (child birth term)
~my house needs to be cleaned (but I'm not going to volunteer)
~Would love to be on the beach right now with a cocktail in hand (wishful thinking)
~Is summer really coming to an end; I completely missed it.

5 things I can't live without right now:

~my cell phone
~a bathroom nearby
~oh, my hubby

What "5 things" are on your mind today?

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