Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RaNdOm WeDnEsDaY

Random Thoughts of the Day

Why are Avelina's naps so unpredictable? Sometimes, she naps for 10 min. and other times she can go for 2 hours. I still have loads of thank you cards to complete, birth announcements to send , and would love to get holiday cards out but never have the time. 

My mommy-milk supply is is also something that varies. It feels like I'm at war with my own boobies and their winning. When I want them to produce more, they produce less. When I want them to produce less (cause they feel like they are going to explode), they produce more. Never a win-win situation.

I take a moment to look at my living room for a second while writing this post and notice that my home is being taken over by little birds things! We have teethers, baby rings, rattles, and baby bottles (when I pump milk) on the coffee table and her baby swing, pack n play, and play mat/activity gym all in the living room. The couch has her bib and a baby rag for random purposes. Her carseat and diaper bag is next to the door for any moment I NEED to get out of the house. Just shake my head in amazement!

I LoVe waking up to my daughter every morning (we co-sleep). She is absolutely beautiful. When she smiles in her sleep it melts my heart. Sometimes I catch her peeking through her eyes to make sure I am there (or at least that is what I tell myself). 

I'm really excited about the "BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller" hubby just got me!! I've been wanting a jogging stroller and hubby surprised me with it the other day. I can't wait to take it for a test walk with Avelina. I really want to get back into running again and I think this will help.

Hubby and I were sick this week, boo! Luckily, little bird didn't get sick, I think mommy's milk has been keeping her safe. For some reason when I'm are sick, I always make Jell-o, but only one flavor: ORANGE. That is my favorite flavor and only one I ever buy. Hubby likes exotic ones like melon fusion, etc. but those never get picked up when I'm shopping (he's probably sick of that flavor, who cares!)

Do you have random thoughts like mine??


  1. Someone told me to increase milk, eat oatmeal for breakfast and have a beer at night. Not sure if it works, but they're both so delicious so I do it!! :)

  2. I'm going to try that when I'm low :)