Thursday, December 2, 2010

BiG nEwS for little bird...

Today was little bird's follow-up ultrasound appointment for her hips. She's been wearing the pavilk harness for two months (for her hip dysplasia) and today we were going to find out if she gets to finally take it off.

The ultrasound went well and the doctor informed me that her hips have developed has we had hoped. So, she was able to be harness-free! I was super excited for her and didn't even hesitate. I stripped that harness right off of her and just watched her kick away. She seemed so happy with her newly free legs. Her legs are still in the same position that the harness had them in but she will position them normally in due time.

She will have to be seen in three months for an x-ray to make sure everything is developing as they should but for now I will enjoy this day! This was great news, just in time for the holidays.

I couldn't wait to get home and put her in all her different outfits. This whole time she has been wearing sleep sacks for outfits, that's not acceptable. When I got home, I ran straight up to her nursery and opened the drawer that is filled with all her 3+ month clothing. YAY!!! I was a kid in a candy store. What outfit do I pick?? How about that one (a onsie with strawberries on it) or that one (a pajama with footies!). Oh!! This is soooo exciting! In all honesty, I ended up trying both on her and decided to go with the jammies for the comfort factor since she was due for her nap. 

She's purrrfect! (kitty-themed jammies)

On my way home, I had called hubby and told him the wonderful news, he was ecstatic. Wen he got home from work, he picked up his little bird from her swing...they both smiled at each other as she kicked her legs FREELY in the air.

Little bird has gotten her wings back!!

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