Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season for HoLiDaY cArDs!

The Holidays are approaching much to quickly and one of my favorite parts of the holidays are all the cards I get from family and friends. This year I can't wait to send my own since little bird is here to share in the holiday cheer. 

One of my favorite places to get cards is Shutterfly.com and  the best part is they have great prices and quality. They also have great service and amazing products such as their unique birthday cards and personalized calendars. It is so nice to customize the calendar with photos that the recipient will love like below: 

Have you picked out your holiday cards yet? What will your cards look like? If not, I suggest you head over to Shutterfly today to make your selection ! Good luck as there are lots to choose from. In fact, I posted a few of my favorites below...

Sisterly Love

Simple and Sweet

Family Focus

Right now... Shutterfly is are doing a wonderful promotion for bloggers... 50 free cardsClick (here) to learn more about the 50 free cards for bloggers. At more than $1 per card that is such a phenomenal deal. In fact, I am headed to Shutterfly now to start on my holiday card!

Update (12/14): Below is the holiday card I created! 

Family Wall Blue Christmas Card
Create modern Christmas cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.


  1. I did get mine... did you fill out the form after you posted? it did take a couple days... =)

  2. I did. Just wanted to make sure it works :) Thanks!!