Sunday, January 9, 2011

NoT tHe SaMe

Sleep...Life will never be the same for me.

Before little bird, I slept 8+ hours. I enjoyed my weekends when I could lay in bed and watch movies all day long. I went to bed when I wanted and I was on my own schedule. Life was soooo much easier, as I now realize.

These days, sleeping three hours in a row is a luxury. Little bird isn't "sleep trained" and she co-sleeps with me. Which means she is up until I go to bed which is around 10pm each night. She use to wake up once a night around 3:30am but that has changed. Lately, she wakes up three or more times a night either due to gas or hunger. I'm exhausted everyday but as a mother you get up and take care of your duties.

Other mothers report their children (around her same age) go to bed around 7 or 8pm and sleep through the night to about 6-8am. I would never want little bird to sleep that long but if she could just sleep through the night I would be happy.

I'm also super jealous that my hubby gets to sleep normally. Sometimes, I find myself so angry at him just because he continues to "sleep in" on the weekends while I'm up with a crying little bird. I understand he works during the week, pays the bills, and keeps us fed. However, do they (our husbands) realize we work 24/7. Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is great but it certainly isn't easy. Don't get me wrong, I get to wake up to little bird, I get to witness all her milestones, and I just LOVE her to pieces but there are those days that I feel alone entirely.

Most days, the only other person I talk to all day is little bird. Hubby gets home from work late most nights so when he gets home he wants to play video games, check his emails, make music, or check out the stars for the whole night. Yes, he has been working hard all day and should be able to have "his" time but where's MY time?

I hate the days...

  • I don't get time to myself. 
  • I can't take a shower (and yes, there are many of those). 
  • I don't get to eat three meals a day.
  • I can't sleep in when I desperately NEED to.
  • I don't get invited to social outings with friends.
  • I can't go shopping whenever I want.

Although, there are days that I could live without. I would never live without little bird, she is MY world. Having little bird is such a blessing and being a SAHM is amazing. I am the same person as BEFORE baby just a lot more STRONGER because of her.

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain"

Does anyone have any advise regarding "baby sleep training"?

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  1. I wish I could give you some advice, but I haven't had kids yet, and I am a sound sleeper, so even without kids, other noisy things don't stir me :( SOrry!