Thursday, January 20, 2011



Everyday I tell myself I'll update my blog, call this person, do this chore, begin this workout, and so on. As the day goes on, I realize I will not call that person, do that chore or begin that workout. I spend all day playing, talking, cuddling, laughing, smiling with little bird...oh, and I can't forget wiping her drool, changing her diapers, and feeding her.

One must realize these are moments I will never get back since she's only a little bird once. These are OUR moments. Thus, I'm sorry if I don't get to update my blog as often as I would like, make that phone call, complete that chore (so my house will remain a mess and I will continue to be in my pjs, lol), or shed those post-preggo pounds.

I will get to it LATER, if time allows.

How do you balance your time?

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