Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My little bird was diagnosed at birth with bilateral hip dysplasia. I was told that doctors usually don't notice hip dysplasia in newborns and that I should make an appointment with an orthopedist as soon as possible. Thus, I made an appointment for her to be seen (by an orthopedist) at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) for a month later (since that was the soonest I could get in). Meanwhile, my pediatrician checked her a day after discharge from the hospital and said she was fine. A week later his wife, the nurse practitioner, checked little bird's hips and confirmed she was "normal". Four weeks later, they noticed a hip click, my heart sank. The next day I had my orthopedic appointment, the hip specialist also reported that she felt fine but he would order an ultrasound to confirm it.

I arrived to CHOP thinking all would be fine since three people reported her hips were "normal". All was not fine, the ultrasound confirmed she did, in fact, have hip dysplasia (a mild form). I was soooo mad at everyone who said she was fine. That same day she was fitted for a pavik harness. It broke my heart to see her in this contraption. She cried and cried and so did I. Watching her try to move her legs made me cry even more. It was a sad day. 

After 48 hours, she seemed to adjust to it but it took more time for me to adjust to seeing her like that and to learn how to bath, nurse, etc. with this new thing attached. She has to wear it 24/7 and its really hard to deal with at first. I'm adjusting fine, now, that a month of her wearing it is approaching. She was told she has to wear it for at least three months; hopefully, that is all the treatment she needs. She has been wearing sleep sacks for the last month, I can't wait till her hips are "normal" and I can put her in cute outfits and make bath time fun again. Washcloth baths are not her favorite :( I know that things could be worse and I also know that this treatment is for the best; however, as a parent you just want your child to never feel any kind of pain or discomfort. 

Have you heard of hip dysplasia or know anyone who has gone through this?


  1. The doctor/orthopedist said at least three months. But at our 1-month follow up, he said she had made "much improvement" (based on her follow-up ultrasound)so she might be able to get it off sooner if all goes well.