Monday, March 15, 2010

BaBy MoOn & 2Nd PrEnAtAl ViSiT

Last week, Hubby and I were on our small vacation that some may call a "babymoon". We went to Cocoa Beach, Florida for a week with my father-in-law (since its his timeshare).

Hubby and F.I.L. went fishing one of the days while we were there and hubby decided not to wear sunblock or a hat thus, his whole head (scalp included) is pealing. On the bright side, he caught a fish!

On another day, we went to Epcot. I mean who doesn't love going to Disney World, right? When hubby and I started dating, one of our very first trips together was to Disney World (back in 2004). It was a blast even without kids (mainly cause we're kids and still are). While we were there in 2004 we decided to become part of Epcot's legacy wall. We took a picture of our photo on the wall this time, check it out!

All in all, this "babymoon" makes me want spring to come so much more. Can't wait for beach season! Next year, when we head out for Cocoa Beach I'll have a little baby with us, so crazy to think about but I truly can't wait!

Yesterday, I went for my second prenatal visit. I was looking forward to it because I really wanted to hear my baby, waiting a month to make sure he/she was there was too long, lol. Since I can't feel he/she, listening to the heartbeat is so exciting (makes me feel so much closer to baby). Well, if you remember the first prenatal visit it took a while to find baby's heartbeat but this time it was instant. The midwife put the doppler on my belly and baby's heartbeat was so loud and strong. It instantly made me smile and made my whole day.

Weeks ago, I had blood work done because my mother had mini-strokes and a heart attack with her last pregnancy and doctor's wanted to make sure I didn't have any genetic blood disorders/risks. Blood work came back and all was normal. Hubby said something a while ago that makes me smile every time I think about it. He said, "You were made to have babies". Yes, its really simple but for a couple that was scared we could not have kids (for no particular reason) and my health issues as a child it is so sweat to hear especially since he's referring to how my body is built and my mothering nature (I basically raised my little bro and treat him often as my own). I mean some people can't have kids and we are truly blessed :)

I'm so excited for next month!! I'll be able to go get the ultra sound me and hubby so impatiently are waiting for...finding out the gender and making sure baby is developing appropriately. I haven't seen baby since my 7 week mark so seeing our little bundle in the monitor is going to be so great.

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