Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SoMe NeRvE!

Some people have some nerve. I truly have to control my "jersey" attitude at times and remind myself that I have come along way in life to let what people say bother me. I guess I should explain to help you better understand what I mean. Today, I was socializing with individuals (because I have to, not by choice, aka work related) and we were discussing my pregnancy.

Basically, it all started because Person A announced that she was pregnant, too. However, I spoke to Person A a week ago about my pregnancy and she neglected to share this information (personally, I don't care if you don't want to share this type of information with me since you are not a friend anyway). Person A explained how she normally doesn't like to share this type of information until she is 12 weeks along and knows her baby is healthy. Her plan failed as she is clearly showing at this point. She is only a couple weeks ahead of me (she is due Aug. 11th). As Person A walked away, Person B leaned in and whispered, "so, is the rumor true?". I said, "What rumor?". She said, "Are you pregnant?". I said, "yeah, it's true." She congratulated me and we continued on.

Person A has a big mouth. I didn't tell everyone and their mother because its none of their business. None the less, Person A came back into the room and we all discussed different things about pregnancy. All was fine until I decided to share a comment from another person I worked with. He stated, "Children are enjoyable...when their 28." I explained to him that sucked since I was only 26 and thus I must not even be enjoyable yet. Geez. This statement at the time was a joke and I didn't think twice about it. Well, both ladies (Person A and Person B) chuckled and I decided to be on my way. I was literally behind a border that separates the two rooms when I heard them whisper to each other the following:

Person A: "Did you hear that? She said she was only 26. Oh, my gosh."

Person B: "Yeah, babies having babies, married and all. I can't even imagine. When I was 26 that was far from my mind"

Idiots!! If you are going to talk about someone, at least wait till they leave the area completely or at least act your "old" age that you are and say it to my face. I realize at that moment that I really am more mature than closed minded Person A and B combined (bonus: I have a higher degree than them as well so that makes me feel better). As I explained earlier, some people have some nerve.

Yes, I am 26. But I am also a wife, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend, a role model. I am a high school graduate, a college graduate, and a graduate school graduate (two different degrees). I am many things. Am I less of a person because I am to be a mother?

No! I am not. I am living and after the birth of my baby I will continue living; but me living will have REAL purpose. I will be a MOTHER!

So, those of you out there who will judge me because I am 26 years old and pregnant...F*CK OFF!

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  1. Well boy oh boy, I can only imagine what they'd say about my slutty self! 26 years old with THREE kids already. Holy tamole! lol Talk about unraveling some emotions huh? I personally think 26 is a beautful age to be ahving children. Especially when you've waited your due time - you took your time and focused your energies on school and your marriage. I always suggest to people to spend a few years married without kids. I wish we had sometimes, although I love the way our life has turned out!

    Guess what - I'm sitting on my pretty white high horse knowing I'll only be 38 when my oldest is graduating High School. I'll still be young enough (not to be mistaken for IMMATURE) to go have fun with my hubby when I'm 40 and my kids are pretty grown.

    Having kids young isn't for everyone, and I don't condone one way over another. You are at such a young, yet not too young, ripe and super mature level to be a mother. You are going to be a wonderful mom. I applaud you for the maturity with which you and G have handled your lives! So fanculo to what those ladies have to say - BRAVO Chele, you and G are going to be amazing parents!!