Thursday, January 7, 2010

NeW yEaR...nEw BeGiNnInGs 2010

The hubby and I chose to spend the new year with our friends at our friend's mountain house (in the Poconos). Sounds like fun right? Well, it is usually a weekend full of drinking, eating, more drinking, sleeping, wake up and drink some more. That being said you can see where I might not be so thrilled this time around. None the less, I made the trip with my hubby and drank juice, ate, drank water, slept, and woke up sober. It snowed and everyone took that opportunity to go sledding, "pick-up truck" sledding, snow ball fighting, and building a snowman and attacking it with a potato gun. So, while everyone was drinking and having fun in the snow including my hubby, I decided to bring my Kindle and read the "Lovely Bones" (which is a movie that I plan on seeing) during my stay. This winter, I was really looking forward to going snowboarding guess I' going to have to put that on hold for next year.

(Side bar: I found the book not all exciting considering all the "hype" it has been getting. I'm sure the movie will be better.)

So, the new year started whether I drank champagne or not (who knew?). This year I started the year with my favorite... sparkling apple cider, yay! On the way home from the mountains, hubby made my day. We stopped at our favorite place, Callie's Candy Kitchen, where every valentine's day he orders me the best dark choc. covered strawberries from there. I love this place.

On another note, if anyone told me that I would begin the new year with morning sickness, I would tell them they could have all my choc. covered strawberries for the whole year if I could skip that side effect of my pregnancy. OMG, this constant nausea throughout my day is the worst feeling. I hate having no appetite and being tired. I am by no means a picky eater, I like everything!! But of course, things I once found so appetizing (i.e steak) can no longer be in the same room as I :( I find myself "craving" certain items and think about calling the hubby and telling him he needs to bring "it" home or else, lol. But I have restrained myself thus far, I'm sure my restraint won't last long.

So, I lift my shot glass (filled with OJ, of course) and hope that morning sickness leaves my life forever! HAPPY 2010!

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