Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SoLiDs: starting oatmeal!

I decided to take the plunge with little bird and start solids. I wanted to wait till she turned 6 months since the latest research says "By six to seven months of age, the intestines of babies are more mature and are then able to filter out more of the offending allergens"... but I think she is ready to try something new. She has been showing some of the signs that signals she is ready for solids like being a supported sitter, constantly checking us out when we are eating, seems to be hungry a lot more often, and loves putting everything in her mouth.

I decided to skip rice cereal after hearing that a lot of mothers (specifically those in my playgroup) were having problems with their babies being constipated from it and thought we would try oatmeal cereal instead. I was so nervous to start solids because it is something new for us. I think any kind of change involving my little bird is scary since I don't want to mess anything up or do something wrong. After talking to my fellow "new moms" at playgroup about it, I was ready to do it.

One afternoon, after little bird woke up from her nap and would be due for a feeding, I decided it was time. I placed her in her exersaucer and prepared her oatmeal. I got all the things I needed before placing little bird in her high chair. Spoon, check. bib, check. oatmeal in bowl, check. disposable wipes for 'just in case' moments, check.  camera, check. Oh, and her bottle for when we're done her oatmeal to complete her normal feeding schedule, check.

After getting everything ready, I placed her in her highchair, put the bib on her, loaded the tip of the spoon with some oatmeal and watched as she began to shake with joy. Seemed like she knew this was her moment and she couldn't wait. As soon as the spoon was near her mouth, she opened her mouth and shut it before I could get the spoon in, lol. So, okay this was going to be a little tricky, I needed to time it right and quickly get this mixture in her mouth to be successful. 

This is a picture of her 1st time eating oatmeal, she wouldn't stop looking for the spoon.

Once, we both figured out this new technique...it was obvious that she LOVED it! These days, she gets so excited when I put her in her highchair and put on her bib.  

When I was a kid, I remember loving banana baby food the best. What was or is your favorite baby food flavor?


  1. I think mine was some sort of pudding like tapioca...my dad used to eat it on me!!

  2. are you insane!! I cant remember baby food! You ladies must have some insane memories!!
    So glad i found your blog though ^_^ heylo