Thursday, May 27, 2010

BiRtHdAy NoNsEnSe

My birthday was this month, May 8th.  No big deal really--and honestly, what's an almost-24 week preggo (during that week) gonna do to enjoy it, honestly?


How many birthdays have you celebrated so far?:  27, thus far :)

When is your next one coming up?: Next May. I was actually born on Mother's Day (what a great gift I was to my mother).

If you could get anything, realistically speaking, what would you ask for?: This year, I asked my hubby for dinner with close friends at a Moroccan restaurant near-by which we love and a pre-natal massage I will be using in my near future.

If you could ask for something magic or like superpowers, which kind?: How about...the ability to have skip the delivery of my baby and just have her here magically? Is that possible?  

Who do you want to be with during your birthdays?: Family and friends! This year, I celebrated it with my hubby, F.I.L., and close friends. 

How do you plan to celebrate your upcoming birthday?: Next year, my birthday will be on Mother's Day and I will be officially a MOMMY! I plan on spending it with my own family (hubby and daughter) doing memorable things.

What was the worst present you ever got on a birthday?: Nothing I can remember. If it was that bad, I probably chose to block it out. Permanently.

What was the worst birthday fiasco you ever had: When I turned 16, I invited the whole school and hardly anyone showed up :(

Did you ever purposely give someone a crappy gift?: That's cruel! I don't think so...(hehehe)

Who would you never ever ever want to attend your birthday?: Can't think of anyone right now...

What was the best birthday present you’ve ever received?: I have a really bad memory; thus, I don't know.

What was the best birthday you’ve ever had?: It was probably my 21st birthday, cause I celebrated it twice at DejaVu nightclub with my hubby (once when I was really turning 20 and then again when I was actually 21). I also enjoyed my 15th b-day as I had a backyard extravaganza and the whole school showed up. GREAT TIMES!

Why was it so great?: Because I was happy. I usually have this thing about crying on my b-day but no tears here! None this year, either. For the record :)

What is your fave birthday activity, even if you havent done it (yet)?: Just being around those who I love and hopefully food and drinks are involved :)

Who would you love to come to your birthday to celebrate with you?:A bit redundant Oh, and I'd love for my friends from afar to join in...

What did your family do to celebrate your birth?: Probably said,"ANOTHER girl?!" No, really, I have no idea. I'm sure I got lots of cuddles and visitors.

What happened for your sweet 16th birthday?: The 16th b-day is a big deal in my family so we planned a big party where we rented out a place and I got a special dress made specifically for me (which I got to design). So, long story short we had a big party and my father got me a motor scooter since I was of age to drive it around. 

Would you be okay with dying on your birthday?: Seriously, weird question. Umm...I don't want to die especially since I'm about to become the best thing in this world, a mother. But-I'll go whenever its my time, since I don't have  control over that anyways :)

Enough of the birthday nonsense.

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